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How to Write Emails that Convert into Sales


It’s no secret that failure is the catalyst for success.

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6 Writing Tips For Your First Kindle Ebook


Writing your first ebook can be a stressful, difficult exercise. In order to make the experience a little easier, we’ve compiled a handful of tips to make your content shine.

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Why Kindle Ebooks Are Ready For Business


Learn why you should turn that whitepaper into an ebook, how to make your ebook free on Amazon forever, and how to get email addresses from Kindle ebook readers/buyers when Amazon really doesn’t want to share them.

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3 Easy Steps to Generate More Website Traffic for Beginners


First time website visitors are indeed an impatient and critical bunch, with site abandonment times ranging from 10 seconds (1993) to 8 seconds (2010), with a maximum of 4 seconds for website loading and rendering (2006). The science doesn’t change much because it determined by human perceptual abilities, and research on the subject goes back more than 40 years.

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21 Tips for Copywriters and Bloggers


(Toronto) Whether you’re interested in starting a career in copy writing, or you’d like to up your game and increase your salary, these tips are for you.

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9 Creepy Ways to Effectively Research Your Competition


Over the years I’ve given sales training for the young and old, online and offline. Here are a handful of my best tips for getting to know your competition intimately.

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Tips for Developing a New Business

Toronto Web Design Company

I found this article over at, and I thought it was a great post to read if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current business plans, dreams, and ideas. As someone who has benefitted from the advice James provides, I thought our readers might find it valuable as well.

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How to Avoid Website Scope Creep


There are many benefits to having an air tight internet strategy. Having clear planning documents mean you will probably spend less time in meetings, have reduced scope creep, faster production turnaround, and your timelines will be well defined. It’s easier to convince potential shareholders that your website project is serious, viable, with thoughtfully outlined planning deliverables. Here are some high-level tips for how to facilitate your next web design or mobile application project.

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6 Ways to Prevent WordPress Brute Force Attacks

Photo used under Creative Commons License from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Earlier this year, it appeared that the internet was under siege due to a massive series of brute force attacks which were manipulating vulnerabilities in WordPress. It was so bad, even the White House reported it.

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